Troubling Conditions in the “Good Red State” of Florida

Troubling Conditions in the “Good Red State” of Florida

After a successful midterm election, Florida Republicans are at odds with one another. During a time when every conservative should be basking in the glow of November, 2022, real divisiveness is building, and many good patriots are discouraged and disgusted. Ready to quit.

Kris Jurski, of The Florida Republican Assembly, and founder of The People’s Audit, explains and reaches across the building chasm. Listen in, America. Think what is happening in YOUR state and across the nation, if this is the condition of the Republican Party in Florida.

Discover more from Kris Jurski and The People’s Audit in Florida here.

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Kat Stansell
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Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center, and a writer on current issues. Her work has appeared in News With Views, Canada Free Press, the Tennessee Conservative, Ussa News, and several local papers in Virginia and Tennessee, as well as the website. She grew up in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, and graduated from Denison University. After a career in international banking, she retired and became an activist and advocate for local action.