Even Hurricane Ian Can’t stop the People’s Audit of Florida Election Fraud!

Even Hurricane Ian Can’t stop the People’s Audit of Florida Election Fraud!

In July, we interviewed Kris Jurski of The People’s Audit about election irregularities in Florida.  Now, we have a jam packed information session in which Kris reveals incredible new evidence of the state of election integrity in the Sunshine State.  It is NOT good!

In this interview, Kris talks of the adversarial position taken by the state against those hard-working citizens who have proven fraud, the death of a state official who was agreeing with the citizens, and the current state of affairs after months of effort.  But there’s more!

The second part of the interview reveals incestuous relationships between Florida ballot printers, election officials and more.  Grab a cup of coffee and sit back   What you are about to hear is stunning AND REAL, and sad.

Find more from Kris at The People’s Audit.

Find more from Kat at the American Policy Center.

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Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center, and a writer on current issues. Her work has appeared in News With Views, Canada Free Press, the Tennessee Conservative, Ussa News, and several local papers in Virginia and Tennessee, as well as the AmericanPolicy.org website. She grew up in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, and graduated from Denison University. After a career in international banking, she retired and became an activist and advocate for local action.